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Why Do Lightroom Presets Not Look Good on My Photos?

The art of presets remains alive and thriving in today’s social media era. Choosing the right Lightroom preset can seem daunting, especially when there are so many available for purchase. It is possible, however, that after investing in a preset and applying it to your images, you don’t get the desired result. This article explores essential factors that explain why Lightroom presets and filters may not produce the desired results.

Bad Lighting

If you have improper lighting in your photo a preset can affect how it looks. Don’t forget to adjust exposure, curves, and lighting to suit your photos. Presets can be perfect right out of the box, but they typically need a few tweaks to make them work.

Not fit for Purpose

Yep, not all presets are suitable for every image or purpose. The primary reason is that every photo has unique characteristics such as lighting, color, and composition. A preset designed for one type of image may not work for another due to these variations. Additionally, some presets may be poorly designed or not appropriately calibrated, leading to unsatisfactory results.

Furthermore, the photographer’s personal style may not match the aesthetic of the preset, resulting in a clash of styles. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a preset that complements your photo’s characteristics and your preferred style to achieve the desired outcome.

Photo Quality

We’re talking about shooting your photos with a potato. We recommend investing in decent equipment and learning the art of photography before digging and expecting gold at the end of your photo session. Presets, while amazing, won’t fix it. Photography is hard, so don’t be discouraged if your photos don’t look great right away.

Abbie Wilson
Abbie Wilson
Abbie Wilson is an avid photographer and blogger with expertise in landscape photography, photo editing, and photo manipulation. Abbie holds certificates with the Google Digital Garage and Adobe Suite, including Photoshop and Illustrator.

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