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35mm Film Lightroom Preset


In the world of flashy photography that looks all the same the eagerness to bring back a vintage look has never been bigger. Luckily with your 35mm film preset for Adobe Lightroom you’ll get the result you were yearning for. The warm, filmic, and nostalgic preset will enhance your photos with a few clicks and make your life that much easier replicating iconic 35mm cameras such as Bolex and Kodak.

What’s Included

  • 1 x Adobe Lightroom Presets (DNG & XMP Format)
  • Commercial License


Getting a grainy and a warm look can be a challenging feat even with looks like Lightroom and Photoshop in your tool selection. However, we have solved this problem by introducing our top-end 35mm film preset that makes your photos authentically vintage with a simple and easy-to-use download and installation process that we at Resource Moon have mastered.

How to use the 35mm film preset in Adobe Lightroom?

To utilise our 35mm film preset in Lightroom, we recommend to tweak your lighting options. This includes whites, shadows, and blacks. This process will help you establish a cornerstone for your future edits. We also recommend saving multiple versions of the presets if you constantly work with projects that would require it.

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